“When we compared the cost of materials and labor to a Trus-T-lift, it just didn't make sense to build a wheelchair ramp. My husband installed Trus-T-lift easily and quickly. It's made our lives so much easier!”

Judy Bartlet
Phoenix, AZ

What makes Trus-T-Lift the better choice
among vertical platform lifts?

Better Drive System
Trus-T-Lift Direct Drive results in reduced noise, increased reliability and smooth operation. Other lifts use hydraulics, belts, chains or pulleys which increase noise, are prone to failure and require more maintenance.

Better Controls
RAM cares about accessibility. Patented Soft Touch controls are the easiest to use in the lift industry. The unique pivoting control pads greatly reduce the force required to activate the lift, enabling operation for users of all ability levels.

Better in Extreme Weather
Trus-T-Lift features the patented Zero Load Start system that ensures the best performance in extreme hot or cold by reducing the stress on the drive system. By allowing the motor to spin freely before picking up the load, the lift can successfully operate in -40ºC weather.

Better to Install and Maintain
Trus-T-Lift has been designed with the Do-It-Yourself builder in mind and is the easiest lift to install. Its unique modular and lightweight design allows it to fit through standard doorways and can be bolted together in 20 minutes. Plug it into a regular household electrical outlet and it’s ready to use! Maintenance made simple: the electrical panel and all controls can be accessed easily right from the platform and the guide system rollers are self-lubricating.

Better Backup Power
Millions of homes and businesses experience power outages that can last days or weeks, caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes, ice storms and floods. The RAM Tower of Power is a unique full battery backup, providing an unmatched 40 lift cycles on reserve power. It is a stand-alone product and can be added to any new or existing TRUS-T-LIFT. Automatically switching between building power and battery power, it provides the highest level of power reliability and peace of mind.

Better In Flood Zones
No other lift can survive floods like TRUS-T-LIFT which features flood-proof technology to protect all electrical and mechanical systems located above the top floor level. RAM TRUS-T-LIFT has become the lift of choice in many Gulf Coast rebuilding projects.

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A Better Product at a Better Price 
Thousands of people around the world have installed Trus-T-Lift porch platform lifts on their homes. These safe, reliable and affordable outdoor lifts are the smart alternative to wheelchair ramps and are ideal for people of all ability levels. Our basic 52" lift is the perfect solution to give you or someone you love quick and easy access to an entrance of a split-level home.

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